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Child Life and Integrative Care Services offers a wide variety of support services for children and their families. We enable children in our care to experience the snuggles of a visiting dog, find a home for their feelings through music or art therapy, breathe in fresh air in the healing garden and more while they go along their health journey.

See How Our Team Cares for Children and Families

A boy in a red t-shirt holds the leashes of two Children's National facility dogs while they stand at his side.

Animal Visitation and Therapy

Children naturally gravitate towards animals; our facility and therapy dogs help improve treatment outcomes by normalizing the hospital experience, reducing patient anxiety, and by assisting providers in keeping kids calm during necessary procedures.

A toddler girl holds a yellow ball while sitting on a bench in the healing garden at Children's National Hospital.

Sun Shines in Our Healing Garden

Kids being treated at Children's National have a way to enjoy fresh air, the outdoors and inspiring views of the nation's capital in the Bunny Mellon Healing Garden.

Child Life Specialist Liz Johnson next to a cart of activities at Children's National Hospital

Easing Your Child's Experience

Child Life specialists are trained and certified to help children, adolescents and families with psychological and emotional support during outpatient and inpatient visits.

The Clown Care team at Children's National Hospital with a doctor and two patients.

Clown Care Brings Smiles

The Clown Care team performs a parody of medical rounds for our patients, with laughter as the goal and humor as the chief treatment.

A closeup image of a variety of crayons on a yellow table

Art and Music Therapy Provide Relief

Creative and Therapeutic Arts Services help children transcend the hospital experience by bringing the cultural and therapeutic arts, as well as art education to patients at their bedside and in the Costco Wholesale Atrium.

A boy sits smiling in a wheelchair in a library with bookshelves in the background.

Find Resources and Support You Need

The Family Resource Center at Children's National Hospital offers a range of support services for families and staff including providing books for children and adults, as well as computers for Internet access.

The broadcasting studio desk at Seacrest Studios in Children's National Hospital.

Where Every Child Feels Like a Star

Our state-of-the-art broadcast center provides an interactive space to explore the creative realms of radio, television and new media to aid in the healing process of our patients and their families during their stay.

Summer volunteers work on a group activity at Children's National Hospital.

Volunteer to Make a Difference

Volunteers at Children’s National Hospital serve in a variety of ways to assist patients and family members during their hospital visit.