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At Children’s National, our nurses’ satisfaction consistently ranks above the national average in areas ranging from overall job enjoyment to opportunities for professional development. This satisfaction stems from a culture in which our nurses are empowered through four primary pillars:

  • Partners in Care. Our nurses share in decision-making with the entire healthcare team – patients, families, physicians and the community.
  • Evidence-Based NursingIn a culture of collaboration and respect, improving patient care outcomes is unparalleled. 
  • Shared Nursing Leadership. Through various leadership councils, our nurses help create and integrate solutions into the care delivered in their unit, in their department and across Children's National. 
  • Professional DevelopmentLike healthcare, our nursing practice is constantly evolving. We work to support our nurses’ professional growth, promote the profession and uphold professional standards.

Keeping Nurses on the Leading Edge 

We’re equally dedicated to launching new nurses’ careers with structured clinical programs for nursing students and recent grads, as well as specialty fellowships.

Additionally, we regularly host continuing education events to enrich the clinical, research, administrative and leadership skills of practicing nurses within our health system and across the country.

We also use our Simulation Learning Center to help our team, as well as members of the local healthcare community, practice clinical skills and care procedures on computerized mannequins.

nurses in hallway

Your Career Opportunity Awaits

Every child deserves a champion – and it could be you. In a nursing career at Children's National, you can initiate research or lend your voice to leadership. You’ll have countless ways to grow professionally…and help children grow up stronger, too.

Little girl having her weight checked by a female nurse

A Place to Grow and Thrive

Children’s National offers professional development to support nurses’ career aspirations through our nurse trainee programs, nursing fellowships, Transition to Practice Program, continuing education and more.