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Global Health Initiative

Founded in 2016, the Global Health Initiative (GHI) aims to fulfill the Children’s National Hospital core value of “caring for ALL children” by addressing the need for advanced and collaborative international pediatric healthcare. GHI provides a platform within Children’s National for concerted oversight of health education and research projects involving both experienced faculty and emerging leaders in global health.

GHI achieves its mission through a program focused on safety, partnerships, research, education and development. 

  • Safety. GHI provides resources and centralized oversight for global health activities, strengthening regulatory compliance, minimizing risk, and ensuring the health and safety of global health participants.
  • Partnerships. GHI establishes a unified network of experienced global health providers, inside and outside Children’s National, allowing for a more comprehensive approach to global health that grows every year.
  • Research. GHI highlights and supports the work of global health researchers among Children’s National staff by providing initial funding for several innovative and interdisciplinary research projects annually.
  • Education. GHI advances internal and external global health educational opportunities by investing in well-designed courses and programs, cultivating the global health providers of the future. 

Contact the Global Health Initiative

Visit the GHI website to learn more about our ongoing educational and research programs, opportunities and events based in Washington, D.C., and abroad. Also on the site, you can learn more about our staff, leaders and collaborators.

View information about our educational programs offered at Children's National Hospital.

The Global Health Initiative is located at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. 

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Global Health Initiative
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