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Boy playing in play structure

Injury Prevention

Did you know? Preventable injuries are the leading cause of death and disability for children under the age of 19 in the United States.

Boy playing in play structure
Children’s National and Safe Kids District of Columbia are proud partners that provide dedicated and caring staff, operational support and other resources to assist in keeping your kids safe. The Safety Center and Safe Kids DC are both led by the division of Emergency Medicine and Trauma Care at Children’s National Hospital.

Our Services

Children’s National has partnered with Safe Kids DC to prevent unintentional injuries in the Washington, D.C., region by focusing on these five priority areas.

Bike and Pedestrian Safety

Our bike & pedestrian safety programs teach traffic safety dos and don’ts.

Car Seat Safety

Find out where you can go for car seat inspections.

Home Safety

Our home safety programs inform parents about the simple things they can do to create an environment where kids can be safe.

Sleep Safety

Children’s National has partnered with DC Health Safe Sleep Program to educate families about ways to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Sports Safety

Our sports safety programs provide education on how to reduce the risk of preventable sports injuries.

Event Request Form

Complete our event request form if you would like to host a car seat inspection event, safety education session or community/health event.

Family Resources

We understand that families have many questions about car seat safety and the precautions they can take to protect their child. We have these online resources that can help answer your questions and connect you with the information you need.

baby girl buckled in a forward-facing car seat

Safe Kids DC

Safe Kids DC is committed to helping children and families prevent injury and injury-related death in children and youth through educational programs and outreach activities.

safety first sign

Safety Center

The Safety Center provides injury prevention education and accessible safety equipment to children and their families throughout the D.C. region, as well as all families that visit Children’s National Hospital.

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Safe Kids Worldwide

Safe Kids Worldwide works to reduce childhood injuries from motor vehicles, sports, drowning, falls, burns and poisoning.


Our efforts are largely volunteer supported. We are always looking for parents, child health advocates and local organizations to raise awareness about childhood injury prevention and broaden our reach. We welcome new ideas and members. Join us in helping children in the District grow up stronger by collaborating on injury prevention activities, networking with other child safety advocates and volunteering at community events. In lieu of participation, monetary donations are also welcome to help sustain our coalition so we can continue supporting injury prevention in the District of Columbia.