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We understand that families have many questions about car seat safety and the precautions they can take to protect their child. We have these online resources that can help answer your questions and connect you with the information you need.

Keeping Your Child Safe While Driving

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Behavioral Needs

Sometimes kids with special needs have a hard time with their car seat while you are driving, especially if they have autism or ADHD. Here are some tips for keeping your child happy in their car seat.

Physical Needs

Sometimes, children with special needs have a hard time using a conventional car seat, especially if they have tight muscles or low tone. Here are three tips to help keep your child safe while riding in the car.

Using a Wheelchair

In talking with your medical team, you may have decided that using a wheelchair as a seat in the car is the safest choice for your child. Here are three tips on how to safely ride with your child in their wheelchair.

Keeping Your Child Safe While Driving (en español)

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Safe Kids DC

Summer Activity Guide

Discover ways to integrate fun and safety as you and your family head into the summer season!

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Safe Kids DC

Global Road Safety Activity Guide

Safe Kids DC has developed a calendar with traffic safety activities for you and your family