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Children's National Volunteer Program

The Children’s National Volunteer Program is the primary program of the Volunteer Services Department. All Children’s National volunteers commit to one regular volunteer assignment based on interest, availability and need. The minimum time commitment for all assignments will be once per week for one year. Shifts will range from 2-4 hours, depending on the specific volunteer assignment. All assignments in this program take place at the main hospital on Michigan Avenue NW.

Children’s National Volunteers are required to undergo our comprehensive FUNdamental Volunteer training prior to beginning their official volunteer assignment. Through this training, volunteers will gain experience and skills contributing to a well-rounded and knowledgeable Children’s National Volunteer. FUNdamental Volunteering consists of 5-10 two-hour weekly sessions to be conducted during the volunteer’s regular volunteer shift time.

Volunteer Opportunities


Seacrest Studios


Canine Courier

Unit Based

Healing Garden

Family Resource Center


What are the current openings?

What are the onboarding requirements?

Expectations and Commitment

What is the time commitment?

What are the physical demands?

What are the expectations of a volunteer?