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At Children’s National, we often have patients who celebrate their birthdays here in the hospital. Although their celebrations look a little different than they might hope, we can still provide them the celebration and party they deserve! Birthday boxes are sorted by age group and filled with developmentally appropriate décor and items.

A family sitting in a vehicle decorated with happy birthday

Explore Our Wishlist

Help us celebrate our patients birthdays by exploring our online wish list of toys, books, games and cloths to help provide some guidance on age-appropriate gifts.

Package box with required items: birthday box (roughly 7”x7”), birthday banner, fairy lights and two gift items from our suggested list below.

  • Please note which age group the birthday box(es) are designated for
  • Please mail your donation to the following address:

    Children's National Hospital
    Attn: Volunteer Services Office, Suite 1180
    111 Michigan Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20010
  • If your donation is too large to mail, you may schedule a donation drop-off by emailing Volunteer Services

Age Specific Boxes

Infant Birthday Box - Birth to 12 months

Toddler Birthday Box - one to three years old

Pre-School Birthday Box - four to five years old

School-Age Birthday Box - six to 12 years old

Adolescent Birthday Box - 13+ years old