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Record Yourself Reading

Record a video of yourself reading to add to our library of recorded stories that will comfort children and families beyond Covid-19.

Guidelines to create a great story time:

Setting up

  • Pick a location that is a quiet space without interruptions.
  • Make sure the sound quality is clear. Oftentimes, an iPhone may be better quality than a laptop.

Picking a book

  • Pick a book you love to read.
  • Books with beautiful illustrations are encouraged.
  • Avoid picking a book that says things such as "feel better" or "get well soon".
  • We also welcome submissions of books read in languages other than English

While you are reading

  • Introduce yourself and the book, perhaps by saying something like, “Hello friends, my name is [Joe]. Today, we are reading [Book Title] by [Author].”
  • Take your time, enjoy reading slowly. Feel free to be dramatic and fun in your reading!
  • Linger over pictures or details, showing them to the camera as if you were reading to a group of children in person.
  • Say “The End” when you finish the book.

Submitting your recording

  • Save your recording
  • Send file to Children's National by visiting You do not need an account. Upload your video file and enter our email address [email protected] to the “email to” section.

If you have any questions, email Allie Williams.