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The DC Pediatric Oral Health Coalition is a community-driven alliance working for better and more accessible oral healthcare for all the District’s children.

The Children’s National Child Health Advocacy Institute (CHAI) assembled this coalition of public and private stakeholders, including pediatric and general dentists, medical providers, government and public health specialists, health educators, community leaders, and other health and social service professionals.

The coalition has:

  • Provided training to primary care providers in local health clinics, so they can apply cavity-fighting fluoride varnish for their patients
  • Made supplies of that varnish was available in those clinics
  • Worked with DC Public Schools to update their oral health assessment form for all students
  • Coordinated with the school nurses of Children’s School Services to bring more oral health education into local schools
    • Adventure Dental 
    • Children’s National Hospital 
    • DC Academy of Physician Assistants 
    • DC Action for Children 
    • DC Department of Health 
    • DC Department of Health Care Finance 
    • DentaQuest 
    • District of Columbia Public Schools 
    • Georgetown University Hospital 
    • Howard University College of Dentistry 
    • Howard University Hospital 
    • Kids Smiles Nonprofit Dental Center 
    • National Children’s Oral Health Foundation 
    • Small Smiles 
    • Unity Health Care