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School nurses play a critical role in advancing child and adolescent health. According to the National Association of School Nurses, a professional school nurse is needed for every school because school nursing is the foundation for student physical and mental health. School nurses partner with parents, guardians and healthcare providers to help manage students’ chronic health conditions in the school setting. School nurses are front line healthcare providers, serving as the bridge between the healthcare and education systems.

Why I became a School Nurse/Health Technician

    Marquis Cook Sr. Student Health Technician

    I joined Children’s School Services (CSS) in 2017 as a student health technician working with Team 5 in Ward 6. 

    Before joining school nursing, I was a national registered EMT working in the private ambulance field for 10 plus years and I also have experience as a patient care technician working at George Washington University Hospital on the trauma unit.

    My first year with CSS I can honestly say was a bit challenging. From counting narcotics, administering narcotics, carb counting, floating from school to school, and last but not least dealing with parents and getting them to understand that proper protocols have to be followed and if additional resources are needed then we can work together to succeed and get what we need.

    With the help of the nurses in Ward 6 and my manager, I was able to overcome a lot of challenges and understand how school nursing works.

    Three years later I can honestly say I am a great asset to Team 5 and the parents, staff and students of Ward 6 that we service on a daily basis.