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At Children’s National Hospital, our dedicated stem cell transplant team provides the resources and support you need. We know that moving forward with a stem cell transplant can be an overwhelming decision, but one that's of the utmost importance. Our professional Blood and Marrow Transplant Team, including your primary care provider and specialty care team (HematologyOncology or Immunology) will partner with you and help you throughout this process. As a first step, we offer this step-by-step guide to explain the entire process of a stem cell transplant – from diagnosis, work-up, conditioning regimen and supportive care, to inpatient and outpatient care and long-term follow-up.

We refer to the days leading up to your stem cell transplant as “Day -30, -10…, -2, -1.” “Day 0” is what we call the day of your transplant when you get your cells. The days after your transplant are referred to as “Day +1, +2…, +30, +100, etc.” You can think of these times as periods to prepare, administer and support your child throughout the blood and marrow transplant process.

Timeline of the Transplant Process

Stage One: Diagnosis

Stage Two: Prepare - Transplant Evaluation

Stage Three: Transplant Work-up 

Stage Four: Conditioning Regimen

Stage Five: Administer - Day of Transplant

Stage Six: Support - Waiting for Engraftment

Stage Seven: Discharge from Hospital

Stage Eight: Outpatient and Home-Based Care

Stage Nine: Long-term Follow-up Care