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Pediatric Turner Syndrome

Key points about Turner syndrome

  • Turner syndrome (TS) is a genetic disorder that occurs in babies born with female external genitalia.
  • Children with TS generally have normal intelligence but experience other symptoms like short stature. Many of them don’t go through normal puberty as they grow into adulthood and it may impact their ability to have children. They may also have heart, thyroid or kidney problems.
  • There is no cure for TS. But many of the more serious problems can be treated with hormone therapy, surgery and medication.
  • Chromosome problems such as TS can often be diagnosed before birth. This is done by looking at cells in the amniotic fluid or from the placenta. These tests are very accurate.
  • Experts don’t know how to prevent the chromosome error that causes TS. It often happens by chance during conception. It does not often run in families.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Prevention and Risk Assessment

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Providers Who Treat Turner Syndrome

Departments that Treat Turner Syndrome

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