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Child Neurology Match

We plan to match four categorical positions for the combined pediatrics and child neurology residency in the 2023-2024 Match.

All candidates applying to the categorical positions will be eligible to match to a five-year position in both the pediatrics and child neurology residencies at Children’s National Hospital. You should only apply to the child neurology categorical track to be considered for the categorical position, and the pediatrics interviews will be scheduled once you are scheduled with neurology. Interviews will be available virtually; however, we plan to allow optional in-person second looks for the first time since 2019.  More information will follow.

Please submit your application to the following track for the 2023-2024 Match:

  • Categorical child neurology – NRMP code 1070185C0. Four positions, medical student. Apply if you are interested in the categorical child neurology track to receive interviews in both pediatrics and child neurology.

Candidates must also plan to take steps I and II of the USMLE before beginning their residency. International Medical Graduates must have completed USMLE steps I and II prior to applying and must demonstrate that they have had significant exposure to medicine in the United States.

Eligible candidates will be invited for interviews by the departments of Pediatrics and Neurology.

You will receive more information about our interviews if invited.