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All graduating pediatric neurology residents have been successful at pursuing academic, private or military careers after completing their fellowship, including both research and senior clinical fellowships at Children's National Hospital and other prestigious institutions. Mentee achievements and placements range from specialized fellowships and awards to assistant professorships.


  • Marina Eskandar, M.D. – Attending neurologist at University of Maryland.
  • Ilyse Genser, M.D. – Neuro-hospitalist and outpatient attending at Childrens’ National Hospital
  • Molly Moehlman, M.D. – Neuro-immunology fellow at Colorado Children’s Hospital 
  • Mejdi Najjar, M.D. – Epilepsy fellow at Children’s National Hospital 


  • Heather Kaminsky, M.D. — Attending neurologist at Rochester University focusing on headache and neuro-developmental disabilities.
  • Nicole Pariseau, M.D. — Neuro-hospitalist at University of Michigan.
  • Justine Record, M.D. — Epilepsy fellow at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Victoria Vinarsky, M.D. — Epilepsy fellow at George Washington University Hospital; returning to Children’s National as epileptologist focused on transition from pediatric to adult epilepsy
  • Kuntal Sen, M.D. — Attending neuro-geneticist at Children's National Hospital


  • Carlos Castillo Pinto, M.D. — Completed clinical neurophysiology fellowship at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.  Attending neurologist and neuro-intensivist at Seattle Children's Hospital 2022.
  • Jennifer Harmon, M.D., Ph.D. — Medical Genetics Fellowship at Children's National Hospital.
  • Eric Strong, M.D. — Neuro-hospitalist at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA, focused on general Neurology, Neurodevelopmental disabilities, and headache.  Also serves as the primary neurologist for the Geisinger Bucknell Autism & Developmental Medicine Center


  • Youssef Kousa, D.O., Ph.D. – Accepted position as a physician-scientist specializing in Prenatal Neurology and Neonatal Neurocritical Care at Children’s National Hospital. Dr. Kousa is investigating genetic risk factors contributing to brain malformations at Children’s National Research Institute and George Washington University.
  • Susanna Yoon, M.D. —  Completed epilepsy fellowship at Children’s National 2020-2021.  Attending neurologist and epileptologist at Children's National Pediatric Specialists of Virginia; David Lewis Outstanding Fellow Award Recipient 2019.


  • Alexander Andrews, M.D. — Completed epilepsy fellowship at George Washington University; Accepted position as child neurologist and epileptologist at Georgetown University Hospital
  • Meaghan Kelly, M.D. — Accepted position as child neurologist at Pediatric Specialists of Virginia
  • Nathan Cohen, M.D. — Completed epilepsy fellowship at Children’s National and accepted position as child neurologist and epileptologist


  • Tayyba Anwar, M.D. — David Lewis Outstanding Fellow Award Recipient 2017; Completed epilepsy fellowship at Children's National; Accepted position as neonatal critical care attending at Children’s National
  • Sarah Schlatterer, M.D., Ph.D. — Completed fetology fellowship at Children’s National and accepted position as child neurologist and prenatal neurology attending physician
  • Jeff Strelzik, M.D. —  Assistant Professor Child Neurology, Associate Program Director, Children’s National


  • Patrick Mabray, M.D., Ph.D. — Assistant Professor Child Neurology, Boston Medical Center
  • Aimee Sato, M.D. — Accepted position as neuro-oncology fellow at Children's National; Assistant Professor Child Neurology, Director of Neurofibromatosis Program, Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Julie Ziobro, M.D., Ph.D. — Accepted position as epilepsy fellow at Children's Hospital Colorado; Assistant Professor Child Neurology, University of Michigan Children’s