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The Center for Neuroscience Research at Children's National is focused on determining the molecular underpinnings of childhood neurologic diseases, and many opportunities for trainees exist to participate with this center. Residents are partnered with mentors early in training to develop research projects, ensuring long term success at the highest levels. The division works closely with the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. The division focuses on translational research and offers patients in the region access to a number of clinical trials with an emphasis on innovative biologic-based therapy. These divisions collaborate with multiple laboratories investigating the neurobiologic basis of childhood illness and lead national and international clinical trials, giving patients access to the newest therapies through:

  • Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium
  • Epilepsy Trials in Neuroimaging, Cognition, Medications, and Basic and Translational Research
  • Childhood Stroke Network
  • Neurofibromatosis Clinical Trial Consortium
  • CINRG network for treatment of Muscular Dystrophy
  • White matter diseases
  • Neurometabolic diseases (including mitochondrial diseases and urea cycle diseases)
  • Neurocognitive conditions (including Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  • Fetal Neonatal Neurology
  • Neonatal Neurology
  • Concussion
  • Migraine
  • Movement disorders