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Vision Statement

Our vision for youth engagement is to create equitable opportunities for our youth to become change agents for a healthier community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create educational opportunities for youth to develop advocacy skills, build relationships with Children’s National and HSC faculty and staff members and obtain professional development with hands-on experience.

The Child Health Advocacy Institute's Youth Engagement team is committed to investing in the future of healthcare. Children’s National partners with several schools, universities and youth-serving organizations to provide training on healthcare careers, health sciences and health equity.

CHAI Youth Engagement Programs

DC Career and Technical Education (DC-CTE)

Dr. Bear’s University (DBU)

Photovoice Project

2022 Youth Engagement Assessment Report

This is the first youth engagement assessment at Children’s National Hospital, and HSC Care System conducted by members of the Child Health Advocacy Institute’s (CHAI) Community Affairs department. The report provides a look at our 31 youth engagement programs, a definition of youth engagement work at Children’s National and HSC Health Care System, a review of other children’s hospital programs and recommendations for our institution to become leaders within this field to better serve youth. View the report.