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We believe that partnering with schools in our local service area will not only improve service delivery to the students receiving care but will help improve health and academic outcomes. We envision Children’s National to be a School-Friendly Health System (SFHS) that is actively working to ensure all children achieve optimal health and reach their full academic potential. We recognize that education is a critical social determinant of health that impacts long-term health and economic outcomes. The CHAI school health team, led by Community Affairs, aims to advance health and education equity for children and families through collaborative efforts between the hospital, local school districts and relevant groups that support schools (government, community-based organizations and advocacy organizations).

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  • Communication: We strive for communication and data-sharing between schools and the health system in order to improve individual and population health in schools.
  • Coordination: We align our school-based work with community needs and educational system goals in order to improve population health in schools through policy, advocacy and evidence-based frameworks.
  • Education: We educate our healthcare system on academic issues and we educate the school system on child health issues.
  • Data-Driven: We use program evaluation and community-wide data to guide all aspects of our work and to identify gaps and needs.

School Health Connections Newsletter

The School Health Connections Newsletter is a monthly digest of current events, trainings, resources and more to connect partners, and those interested in school health working and living in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

Let Us Support Your School

Complete our CHEER form to request the mobile medical unit, a speaker or a resource table for your school health events and efforts. We welcome the opportunity to serve children in our community.

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School Health Programs and Initiatives

Children's National leads a number of programs that range from clinical care to educational interventions. To learn more about our current school health programs, download our brochure (PDF). 

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The Collaborative for Attendance Resources in Education and Health (CARE-H) combines the efforts of the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), Children’s National, and parents/caregivers to support school attendance, encourage positive health/social outcomes and support academic success.

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School-Friendly Health System FAQs

Take a look at our frequently asked questions about the School-Friendly Health System framework that we developed to help hospitals and health systems deliver better care and patient experience.

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School Health Webinar and Event Recordings

Take a look at our webinar and event recordings on keeping kids healthy through their attendance and how healthcare organizations are impacting communities through coordinated care, technology, mental health and more.

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Resources for Parents/Caregivers

Visit the Children’s National Rise and Shine Blog to find resources and interesting articles on a wide range of school health topics such as:

Resources for Educators and Providers