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A boy on playground.A boy on playground.
Visits to the hospital, doctor’s or dentist’s office can be challenging for children with communication, sensory and behavioral disabilities. The medical environment can be overstimulating with loud noises, large crowds, unfamiliar smells and long waiting times in small areas. Procedures and exams that require physical touch can also cause anxiety, fear, discomfort and frustration.

Our Providers

Our pediatric specialists provide personalized care for your child’s physical, mental and emotional health needs.

Contact Information

To talk with someone about planning your child's medical visit, or to request visual supports, please email us.

Once you have contacted us, our program lead will reach out to you and ask you to complete a questionnaire and a release of medical information.

The staff at Children’s National Hospital is committed to ensuring that you and your child have a positive experience during your medical visits. We recognize that focusing on your child’s specific needs can make a real difference in safety and the overall experience. The Autism Behavioral Consult team provides medical staff and parents with tools to make procedures and treatments easier for your child. 

Autism Behavioral Consult Services

Our goal is to help provide tailored and individualized care that supports your child’s needs in the medical setting. We: 

  • Have a developmental neuropsychologist who assists in preparation for medical care and medical procedures – both in the inpatient setting and outpatient clinic at the Main Hospital.
  • Make recommendations for communication, sensory and procedural accommodations in medical settings.
  • Help parents prepare and plan for their child's medical visit.
  • Create online resources and role kits for your child to practice with before coming in for a procedure.
  • Incorporate aspects of your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and other school records to coordinate medical and educational needs and create a plan that supports participation in medical care.
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Helping Children on Their Healthcare Journeys

Our resources can help prepare your child with communication, sensory or behavioral disabilities for their procedure or follow-up appointment.

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Meet the Team

Autism Specialists

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Read about everything parents need to know about kids' health, straight from our experts at Children's National Hospital.

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