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Our fellowship offers a wide range of educational opportunities:

Microbiology Lab Rounds

While on the inpatient consult service at Children's National Hospital, team members meet every weekday (except Tuesday) with our microbiology lab director, Joseph Campos, Ph.D., or microbiology lab assistant director Ben Liu, Ph.D., and review basic principles of diagnostic microbiology and view interesting cases in the lab.

Tuesday Academic Conferences

Tuesday Academic Conferences

All infectious diseases fellows, regardless of monthly duty assignment, participate in activities on Tuesday afternoons at Children's National. These activities include a number of conferences:

Board Review Sessions: These monthly sessions serve as an ongoing board review preparation course, with fellows preparing talks. Sessions are linked to topics in major textbooks and to clinical practice guidelines. Multiple choice questions accompany each session.

Case Conference: Weekly, a fellow prepares an illustrative case or a difficult or unusual current case, for discussion with all members of the ID team for the purpose of education.

City-wide Case Conference: Once monthly, all pediatric infectious disease providers from the local DC/MD/VA region are invited to participate in our fellow led clinical case conference.

Fellows College: Occurring three times per year for 1st and 2nd year fellows from all disciplines at Children's National, these day-long conferences provide instruction in core ACGME-required content, including biostatistics and epidemiology, research study design, quality improvement, and career planning.

Journal Club:
Once monthly we hold a journal club, focusing on applying results of original research to clinical care. 

Laboratory/Antimicrobial Stewardship/Infection Control Rotation

Microbiology Infection Control Rotation 2017

1st year fellows participate in a 3-week practicum in clinical microbiology, antimicrobial stewardship, and infection control, working closely with laboratory technologists, Drs. Campos and Liu, Drs. Hamdy, Lloyd,Dassner and Esadah, and Dr. Song and the IC team.

Medical Education

The inpatient consult fellow provides monthly teaching conferences to pediatric residents and medical students on common pediatric infectious diseases problems. Additionally, fellows often are asked to participate in hospital-wide conferences such as the weekly case conference, Professorial Rounds.

Greater Washington Infectious Diseases Society (GWIDS)

GWIDS meets monthly and consists of both adult and pediatric infectious diseases clinicians from all around the D.C. area. Each program or institution is responsible for presenting interesting cases once per year, and all Children's National fellows present once during their three-year training period.

Advanced Degrees

Many fellows have chosen to pursue advanced degrees during their fellowship training. Classwork can be successfully integrated into the fellowship program. The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services offers Masters of Public Health degrees in a number of disciplines. The federally-funded Clinical and Translational Science Institute at Children's National (CTSI-CN) offers master's and certificate-level programs for training in clinical and translational research, in conjunction with the GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Fellows are encouraged to consider enrolling in one of these programs.