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Children's National Experts Cohost and Present at International Oncology and Autism Spectrum Disorder Symposia at Shanghai Children's Medical Center

On November 13 and 14, 2015, Children’s National Health System experts are cohosting and presenting at the First Sino-US-Japan Pediatric Translational Medicine Forum and Third International Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Forum in Shanghai. Earlier in the week, Mark Batshaw, MD, Children’s Physician-in-Chief and Director for Children’s Research Institute was the featured speaker at a scientific meeting hosted by the Shanghai Association of Pediatricians. 

During the translational medicine and hematology oncology forums, Children’s experts are speaking on the following topics:

• Adeno-associated viral (AAV) liver directed gene therapy – Mark Batshaw, MD
• Precision therapy for Wilms tumor: Are we there yet – Jeffrey Dome, MD, PhD
• Expansion of IMLEC by inactivation of mTOR complex I – Pan Zheng, MD, PhD
• Hypoxia-inducibble factors in leukemia stem cells and graft versus host diseases – Yang Liu, PhD 
• Treating patients with naive T cell-derived antiviral T cells – Patrick Hanley, PhD
• Synthetic lethality screening for KRas-driven leukemia – Zhe Han, MD

This group of experts represents a small sample of the innovative hematology/oncology research being conducted at Children’s National. The research and clinical investigators at the Center for Cancer and Immunology Research are leading experts in cancer genetics, cancer host versus graft interactions and diseases, microbe-host interaction, inflammation, and cellular therapy and immunotherapy

Additionally, Dr. Batshaw spoke about the diagnosis, treatment, and pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorders at the Shanghai Association of Pediatricians. Dr. Batshaw’s entire career has been dedicated to caring for children with developmental disabilities, and his research has focused on inborn errors of urea synthesis. He is considered an international authority in the development and testing of innovative therapies.

The translational medicine and hematology oncology conference concludes on November 14. Members of this Children’s National group also took part in a presentation earlier in the week with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center to unveil a new translational laboratory for joint oncology research and education. The partnership will also include joint clinical trials on leukemia and neuroblastoma, training opportunities, and a rotating annual meeting focused on the state of research and collaboration. 


Contact: Emily Hartman at 202-476-4500

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