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Pediatric Dandy-Walker Malformation

The Dandy-Walker malformation is a congenital (present at birth) defect affecting the cerebellum, the back part of the brain that controls movement, behavior and cognitive ability.

Dandy-Walker can cause obstruction of the normal drainage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), resulting in a build-up of CSF and a condition called hydrocephalus.

The Dandy-Walker malformation is part of a spectrum of conditions that include the classic form and other mild variants. It is important to make a correct diagnosis because the different conditions may have very different outcomes. The classic form of Dandy-Walker malformation has certain key features:

  • Enlarged back compartment (posterior fossa) of the brain
  • Malformed or missing cerebellar vermis (part of the cerebellum)
  • Large cyst in the fourth ventricle of the brain

In addition, most children will develop hydrocephalus (CSF buildup in the brain) before their first birthday. 

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