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Pediatric Epilepsy and Seizures

Key points about epilepsy and seizure

  • A seizure occurs when one or more parts of the brain has a burst of abnormal electrical signals that interrupt normal signals.
  • There are many types of seizures. Each can cause different kinds of symptoms. These range from slight body movements to loss of consciousness and convulsions.
  • Epilepsy is when a person has two or more seizures with no known cause.
  • Epilepsy is treated with medicine. In some cases, it may be treated with vagus nerve stimulator or surgery.
  • It’s important to avoid anything that triggers seizures. This includes lack of sleep.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How are epilepsy and seizures connected?

What are the different types of seizures?

What causes a seizure in a child?

What are the signs of a seizure in a child?

How are seizures diagnosed in a child?

How are seizures treated?

How can I help my child live with epilepsy?

When should I call my child’s healthcare provider?

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Epilepsy and Seizure Treatment at Children's National Hospital

The Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Program offers a complete range of individualized treatments, including minimally invasive surgery and dietary therapies to eliminate seizures that can potentially injure a child’s brain. Discover more about the treatments we offer.

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Epilepsy and Mental Health

Eleni Rizakos, Psy.D., a psychologist in the Epilepsy Program, discusses epilepsy and your child's mental health.

Providers Who Treat Epilepsy and Seizure

    Departments that Treat Epilepsy and Seizure

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    Whether your infant has arrived prematurely or has a critical illness, the Children's National Hospital's top-ranked team assists in coordinating every service you and your baby need, including consultations, assessments, emergency treatments and continuing care.

    Dietary Therapies for Epilepsy Clinic

    Our team works with you and your child to determine if specialized diets—including the ketogenic diet, modified Atkins diet and low glycemic index therapy—will help lessen or eliminate seizures that are difficult to control.

    Infant and pediatric gastroenterology specialist, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program. John Snyder is Division Chief.

    Pre-Operative Care Clinic

    When your child is having surgery at Children�s National Hospital, the Pre-Operative Care Clinic�s (POCC) team of pediatric professionals screens patients for surgery and creates a specific care plan for each patient.