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Sometimes babies show signs of potential health risks even before they’re born. At Children’s National Hospital, the Zickler Family Prenatal Pediatrics Institute provides the diagnosis, treatment and support you and your baby need. Through research, expertise, coordinated and advanced care, personalized treatment plans and more, our institute is dedicated to helping your baby get the best possible start in life.

Our Providers

Our pediatric specialists provide personalized care for your child’s physical, mental and emotional health needs.

Contact Information

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Prenatal Pediatrics, please call 202-476-7409.

Our team – which includes top physicians in every specialty – can diagnose your baby and provide consultation with other specialists all in the same day. That way, we can create a treatment plan that’s just right for your family. We provide:

  • Innovative care for your unborn baby. Our groundbreaking research allows us to diagnose prenatal conditions earlier. This helps your family get answers to important questions and start planning for your baby’s future needs.
  • Expertise. Adré du Plessis, M.B.Ch.B., an international expert in normal and abnormal development of the fetal brain, leads our team of 50 experts in more than 19 pediatric specialties. We offer a level of experience few centers can match.
  • Fully coordinated care. Because all of our specialists are here in one location, we can arrange for you to meet with any specialists that you need in a single visit.
  • Personalized treatment plans. We provide you with a roadmap of detailed information, including multiple treatment options, to meet your baby’s needs.
  • Advanced neonatal care. From life-saving heart surgery to specialized critical care programs, we deliver advanced care starting the moment your baby is born.
  • Pioneering research. Along with providing the most advanced care to patients today, our expert team advances the field of prenatal pediatrics and treatment for the future. Learn more about our Developing Brain Institute.

Our experts also work closely with you and your obstetrician or maternal-prenatal medicine specialist to help you understand your baby’s condition. This helps make sure your baby has a seamless transition from the womb to receiving the best care after birth.

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Our Services

Cutting Edge Care for Expectant Families

Moving quickly matters most when something isn't right with an unborn baby. The Zickler Family Prenatal Pediatrics Institute gets diagnosis and treatment advances to families faster.

Conditions We Treat

Our team treats a wide range of conditions that can affect your child's internal systems and organs. Learn more about these conditions.

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Prenatal Pediatrics Research

Our dedication to improving the lives of children extends beyond
providing the best care to your baby. Through pioneering research, we
are developing new techniques and treatments to expand our future

Doctors examine test results on a computer screen

Featured Resources

Family Resources

In addition to any resources your provider may give you, our online resources can also support your ongoing treatment journey.

Provider Resources

We provide the highest level of comprehensive counseling to the patients we share with you, our referring colleagues.

What to Expect at your Prenatal Pediatrics Visit

When receiving care from our experts at Children’s National Hospital, you will visit us during pregnancy (in the prenatal period) as well as after your baby is born (postnatal visits).

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