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Hip Preservation Program

Boy smiling with nurse in the background
The team of orthopaedic experts in the Hip Preservation Program at Children’s National Hospital is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of children and adults with hip pain. We offer advanced care and treatments, some of which are not widely available, to maximize the potential of the natural hip joint. At Children’s National, our Hip Preservation Program sees both new patients and established patients up to 50 years old, providing a continuum of care that extends well into adulthood.

Our Providers

Our specialists provide personalized care for your physical, mental and emotional health needs.

Contact Information

For appointments, please call 301-576-2000.

Choosing Children's National Hospital for Hip Preservation

Our program improves hip pain, joint function and quality of life for patients with hip pain and hip disorders. We offer a full-service, integrated program with expertise in treating a broad range of hip conditions, including congenital and developmental disorders.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Surgical expertise: Children’s National is the only program in Washington, D.C., with expertise in advanced surgical hip preservation techniques such as the Ganz periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) procedure. In fact, our hip program is the only program in the Washington, D.C, area performing Ganz PAO procedures for adolescents and adults. This team includes a surgeon who has completed specific fellowship training in the field of Hip Preservation.  
  • Precise diagnosis: Our imaging capabilities include specialized magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques and Hip Preservation Protocol computerized tomography (CT) imaging. These advanced imaging techniques assist in obtaining accurate diagnoses, which lead to the most effective treatment plans and positive outcomes. Learn more about diagnostic imaging and radiology.   
  • Non-surgical care: We help patients maximize their current level of functioning with specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical therapy and other nonoperative treatments. Learn more about rehabilitation medicine.
  • Comfort: We help patients stay as comfortable as possible before, during and after surgical treatments with the help of our multi-specialty pain medicine program. Learn more about anesthesiology, sedation and perioperative medicine.

Understanding Hip Preservation

Understanding what treatment entails is an important step in your journey. Learn more about the conditions treated by hip preservation, how these conditions are diagnosed and what treatments are seen in hip preservation.

Hip Preservation Surgery at Children’s National

Hip preservation treatment at Children’s National can help relieve hip pain, restore hip function and extend the life of the natural hip joint. A key focus is in delaying or preventing the need for a hip replacement surgery. In some cases, surgery may be recommended to treat advanced hip disorders.

You can breathe a little easier knowing our program ranks among the country’s top pediatric orthopaedic programs. From the pre-surgical testing, through the procedure and into recovery, we provide an experience that seamlessly blends our expertise with each patient’s unique medical and emotional needs.

Surgical hip preservation treatments include:

  • Ganz periacetabular osteotomy (PAO): The Ganz PAO procedure reshapes the hip socket using a series of controlled cuts in the bone. This technique creates an optimized hip joint structure that can provide substantial pain relief.
  • Arthroscopic hip interventions: Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive approach. With the help of a small camera (arthroscope) and sophisticated tools, our team views the inside of the hip joint to allow for confirmation of the diagnosis and then make appropriate surgical repairs.
  • Surgical hip dislocations: During a surgical hip dislocation we gently remove the hip’s femoral head (the top of the thigh bone) from its socket (rounded opening in the pelvis bone). This procedure gives us the best access for examining the hip joint. We can also reshape bones and repair injuries during this procedure, if necessary.
  • Femoral osteotomy: A femoral osteotomy is a procedure that cuts through and repositions the thighbone (femur) in order to create a better fit within the hip socket. We may use screws, rods and metal plates to hold the new structure in place.

Using a compassionate approach, we help your family mentally and emotionally prepare for surgery, which includes specialists in sports psychology. Learn more about child life services, which can help in this process for pediatric patients. To help families prepare for surgery, we’ve compiled helpful resources. Learn more about Having Surgery: What to Expect.

Learn more about child life services

Visual Resources to Prepare for a Visit

Our Autism Behavioral Consult team has compiled visual resources that any family can review with their child to make them more comfortable before all types of doctor's visits.

Fight For Children Sports Medicine Center

Helping Young Athletes Achieve Their Peak Performance

Children's National Hospital has partnered with Fight For Children to open the Fight For Children Sports Medicine Center in Silver Spring, MD, which offers a wide range of orthopaedic services, from injury prevention to rehabilitation.

Fight For Children Sports Medicine Center