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The Tracy's Kids Art Therapy Program at Children’s National Hospital brings in board-certified art therapists to use art media and the creative process to explore your child's feelings, resolve emotional conflicts, increase self-awareness, manage behavior, develop social skills, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.

Contact Information

For more information about the Tracy's Kids Art Therapy Program, please email a member of our team or call us at 202-476-6349.

This program is funded by Tracy's Kids and strives to provide art therapy services to patients and siblings in the hematologybone marrow transplant and oncology unit. We aim to make your child's time at the hospital an opportunity for creativity, fun and healing – at no cost to your family. Services are provided in the art room located in the outpatient clinic of the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. The art therapists also provide inpatient art therapy sessions at bedside.

Goals of art therapy for hospitalized children include:

  • Provide a sense of control and choice through child-centered, open studio approach
  • Encourage the self-expression of thoughts and feelings related with illness/hospitalization
  • Help process challenging experiences associated with hospitalization
  • Facilitate positive self-esteem and body image
  • Promote social interaction and sense of community within the hospital environment
  • Foster the development and understanding of healthy coping strategies and pain management
  • Provide family and sibling support, as all are impacted by the challenges of treatment

Savi's Story

Savi Abdullah and his family made a home away from home at Children’s National after they found out that one of their twin boys had been diagnosed with leukemia. For them, the Tracy's Kids art therapy room was their happy place.

Girl drawing on a whiteboard


We accept art supply donations from those who are interested in helping the Tracy's Kids Art Therapy Program continue to provide services throughout the unit. If you are interested in donating, please check out our general wish list.