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Our goal is to make sure that our comprehensive general pediatrics residency “fits each resident” – meaning that residents can tailor their curriculum to match their learning style and professional goals. As such, we offer a two-tiered, individualized curriculum.

The first tier involves residency training “tracks.” Tracks are longitudinal programs that medical students apply to with the intent of participating in that track throughout the duration of their residency. All tracks have 24 months of pediatric training in common, ensuring that graduates all provide superb pediatric care and can pursue careers in general pediatrics or subspecialty training. Additional rotations are included in each track to offer residents opportunities that meet their unique career goals and interests.

  • Categorical Track: This is the traditional residency training curriculum that provides a broad exposure to inpatient and outpatient opportunities with a significant amount of customizable elective time. There are approximately 24 residents per year in this track.
  • Leadership in Advocacy, Under-resourced Communities and Health Equity (LAUnCH) Track: This track provides a supportive and cohesive learning community that focuses on improving the health of under-resourced patients as well as the development of skills in health policy, advocacy and community healthcare delivery. There are approximately eight residents per year in this track.
  • Primary Care Track: This track provides focused and consecutive block time in a primary care practice so that residents can gain in-depth exposure to the daily routine and inner workings of a practice. Elective opportunities in advocacy, health policy and community health are also available. There are approximately five residents per year in this track.
  • Research Track: This track is for residents with substantial previous research experience and a desire to continue to build their careers as physician-scientists during residency. A customized mentoring committee of experienced Children’s National investigators is assembled for each Research Track resident. There are up to two residents per year in this track.
  • Pediatrics and Medical Genetics Combined Residency ProgramThe National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), in conjunction with Children's National Hospital, offers a unique opportunity for medical school graduates to complete a combined, four-year residency program in pediatrics and medical genetics. There is one resident per year in this track.
  • Child Neurology Residency Program: This is a five-year training program, consisting of two years of pediatric residency training followed by three years of neurology fellowship training designed to prepare physicians to diagnose and treat a wide range of child neurology disorders. There are three residents per year in this track.

The second tier of our individualized curriculum includes our optional "pathways." Any resident can participate in any of our pathways.

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