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A pathway is an optional set of experiences offered to residents at Children's National surrounding a particular career path or set of professional skills. Pathways are something residents choose to engage in after starting residency at Children’s National; there is no separate application process to participate in a pathway. Residents from any track (Categorical, Primary Care, LAUnCH, Research) can participate in pathway experiences throughout their residency building an intersection of uniquely tailored skills

Our Pathways make our residency curriculum incredibly customizable! Pathways are simply a defined list of activities that you can choose from during elective time coupled with opportunities for additional mentorship and community building with residents and faculty with similar personal and professional goals. Participation in a pathway can range from committing to a single pathway, or mixing and matching among several pathways. If residents complete all of the requirements for a given pathway, a certificate is earned upon graduation from residency.

Explore the Pathways Program

Global Health Residency Pathway

This pathway provides an opportunity for residents to focus part of their residency education on developing knowledge and skills in global health through didactic teaching, experiential learning and faculty mentorship.

Medical Education

This pathway allows residents to work with supervising faculty to develop a tailored experience in adult learning theory principles and undergraduate and/or graduate medical education.

Policy, Equity and Advocacy for Kids (PEAK)

The PEAK Pathway consists of a number of optional activities aimed at helping residents achieve goals and objectives specific to inpatient careers.