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Our fellowship values wellness and understands that wellness is unique to the individual. We strive to work with each trainee as they balance what wellness looks like for them. From social gatherings and retreats to mental health supports matched with an overarching culture of encouraging self-care, we offer a range of opportunities to enhance fellow wellness.

  • Mental health. Seeking mental health support is strongly encouraged for all fellows. Six free counseling sessions are offered through the Employee Assistance Program, five free sessions are offered through the George Washington Psychiatry Program, and “drop in” counseling or stress management skill-building sessions are offered through Children’s National Psychology and Behavioral Health. All sessions are 100 percent confidential. 
  • Process groups. Every month, each class meets as a group with a facilitator. This allows the opportunity for each cohort to reflect on and find meaning in our work as physicians and to foster resilience through the ability to share perspectives, support, encouragement and feedback from other individuals in a safe and confidential environment.
  • Annual retreat. Fellows from both years come together to engage in team building activities, fellowship, and a wellness event. All trainees are free from clinical duties.
  • Hospital Resident Appreciation Week. Annually, a week in the fall or spring is devoted to activities to promote resident wellness. This has included a range of activities including outdoor outings, meditation, dance classes and happy hours.
  • Social gatherings. We have events with fellows, faculty and staff within the division throughout the year sponsored by the department.
  • Financial support of academic endeavors. Fellows each receive a yearly academic stipend.
  • Educational days. Fellows receive 7 days per year that can be used to attend conferences as a part of scholarly development. This allows vacation to be reserved for non-academic related time off.
  • Sick days. 12 sick days are available each year.
  • Vacation days. 20 vacation days are provided per year. We also work closely with trainees and work together to ensure that fellows can find time to care for their personal needs and routine medical and dental care.
  • Schedule. Each fellow’s general schedule is created by the Program Director taking into account interests. Call schedules are created by the chiefs, considering fellows’ requests for time off. Requests are solicited at the start of the year and are allowed to be adjusted throughout the year.
  • Trainee workload. Trainee workload is addressed by having a wide variety of supports available. We have a robust team of case managers, scheduling assistants, social workers, child life and nurses.
  • Faculty support. Our fellows are never alone! There is always an attending available to give guidance. Our faculty love to teach and truly adore our fellows and make it known they are here to support them.
  • Comfort Corner. Weekly sessions led by hospital chaplains for all staff to take a moment to relax, refresh and recharge. Nurses, technicians, unit clerks, residents, fellows and attendings come together to enjoy aromatherapy, music, adult coloring, snacks and coffee while on the main campus.