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Introduction to the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program

Learn about the faculty and unique program opportunities of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship program at Children's National Hospital.

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program at Children’s National Hospital.

On this site you will find information about our training program, our department and our institution – please take a look and feel free to contact us with any questions. Watch our informational video to meet some of our program faculty and see some of our fellows!

At Children’s National, our mission is to educate the next generation of child and adolescent psychiatrists by offering broad-based training in the treatment of children with chronic and severe psychiatric disorders. As one of the largest providers of pediatric care in the District of Columbia, our institution attracts patients and families from both international and local (D.C., Virginia and Maryland) areas.

Our program is strengthened by our sizeable inpatient, consult liaison and outpatient teams and by our numerous outpatient sub-specialty clinics. In addition to providing an exposure-rich environment in which fellows learn how to treat and manage a broad range of psychiatric conditions across the various stages of development, our faculty also emphasizes the importance of having our fellows learn to be strong advocates for children and their families. As part of their public advocacy, many current faculty and alumni have held notable positions in regional, national and international professional organizations.

Additionally, in our institution, the multidisciplinary nature of our work involves working with a variety of specialists, including with pediatricians, psychologists, pediatric neurologists and adolescent medicine hospitalists, among others. In doing so, our fellows learn the strength of being effective collaborators and advocates for their patients and families. 

Children’s National offers a unique and remarkable training experience:
  • Comprehensive core clinical rotations in inpatient, consultation-liaison, and outpatient settings at a premier freestanding children’s hospital
  • Opportunities to care for children and families from a diverse array of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Accessibility to faculty with varied clinical and research interests
  • Protected time for didactic instruction
  • Core rotations in multiple child psychiatry subspecialty clinics, including the Early Childhood Behavioral Health Program, Infant Feeding Disorders Clinic, Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Addiction Clinic, Anxiety Clinic and Gender Development Program
  • A broad range of community-based rotations and electives, including but not limited to experience in schools, the National Institutes of Health and integrated behavioral health models
  • Strong emphasis on advocacy with a two-year advocacy course, protected time for AACAP legislative conference both years, and multiple advocacy electives within the institution including through the Children’s Health Advocacy Institute as well as in the community
  • Location in Washington, D.C., and access to numerous advocacy opportunities
  • A rich and lively life outside of the hospital, with virtually unlimited options for arts, recreation, dining, shopping and living
  • Emphasis on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with opportunities for fellows to also be involved with hospital wide committees, events and monthly seminars

We are delighted by your interest in our training program and look forward to welcoming you to Children's National. 

Your fellowship team, 

Colby Tyson, M.D.
Program Director

Laura Willing, M.D.
Associate Program Director

Priya Punnoose, M.D.
Associate Program Director

Jackie Jones
Program Coordinator

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