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Our application process is competitive. Applicants must have completed an APA/CPA-accredited doctoral program in psychology (Clinical Psychology preferred) and an APA/CPA-accredited clinical predoctoral internship. Competitive applicants are well-rounded clinicians in the scientist practitioner/ clinical science tradition.

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Application Information

    Strong prior training in clinical or pediatric psychology

    Applicants should have completed two or more year-long practica/externships and substantial internship rotation(s) in child psychology. Formal graduate coursework and clinical didactics in this area are expected.

    Clinical experience with assessment and treatment of autistic youth

    Competitive candidates have extensive experience administering gold-standard diagnostic measures (e.g., ADOS-2/ADI-R). Please be sure to describe your autism training experiences clearly in your application.

    A clear focus on working with children and adolescents

    In prior training experiences and in future goals

    A record of meaningful participation and productivity in research

    Completion of an empirical dissertation and formal coursework in statistics and research methodology in graduate school are required. Competitive candidates have peer-reviewed publications and strong skills in statistical analysis and are interested in continuing research on postdoc and beyond. 

    A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

    CASD is committed to creating an inclusive environment and dismantling systems of inequity. We celebrate diversity in our trainees and our colleagues at all levels, promote cultural competence and seek providers who strive to contribute to our work with diverse and underserved populations. Applicants from all backgrounds and communities are strongly encouraged to apply.