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Art of Living Partners with Children's National Hospital to Provide Free Access to its One-of-a-Kind Breathing Meditation for U.S. Healthcare Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic

Global humanitarian leader offers evidence-based breathing techniques to help healthcare workers stay resilient and strong on the frontlines; launches new online happiness program to help the general public manage stress and anxiety

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WASHINGTON – Today, on the occasion of National Doctors’ Day, the Art of Living, a global educational and humanitarian non-profit, has launched a first-ever opportunity for healthcare workers across the U.S. to learn its powerful breathing meditation - at no cost - to help sustain them during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Art of Living is also providing free content to the general public, as well as a new online Happiness Program, to help all manage stress and anxiety during these turbulent times.  

“To all the doctors, the paramedics, frontline workers and all other healthcare professionals, for your services, your dedication, we cannot express our gratitude enough,” said global humanitarian, spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. “Please don't ignore yourself. Your good rest is absolutely essential and it’s necessary to keep you charged and keep you healthy. Art of Living Foundation and its counselors are ready for you, anytime to help you. This meditation will be tremendously beneficial to you. You'll feel the energy and enthusiasm renewed in you to carry your noble mission forward.” 

Beginning today, any U.S. healthcare worker can access the online course by registering using their professional license number. The Happiness Program, which has been taught in person to millions across the world, has been adapted to a new online platform, and tailored specifically to busy healthcare providers. The self-paced format can be accessed from anywhere, and in just a few minutes, will equip healthcare workers with powerful, evidence-based breathing and meditation techniques.

The program was developed in collaboration with leaders of the Provider Well-Being Program at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., and other healthcare experts from around the country. Children’s National implemented the in-person course for some of their healthcare providers last year. "We found this course significantly reduced burnout and anxiety among our providers, some of whom said the daily practices have transformed their entire lives,” said Hemant Sharma, M.D., Chief of Allergy and Immunology at Children’s National and co-lead of Well-Being. “At this time of immense strain on healthcare systems worldwide, we are so grateful to the Art of Living for offering these evidence-based practices to bolster the physical and mental well-being of those caring for the sick.” 

“Healthcare workers, including doctors, nurses and the entire team, are giving their all on the front lines of this pandemic,” said Christiane Corriveau, M.D., a critical care physician and co-lead of Well-Being at Children’s National. “This takes a great personal toll on them and we want to do whatever we can to sustain and support healthcare workers in these challenging times."

Over 70 independent studies have demonstrated a range of scientific benefits from practicing the breathing exercises taught on the Art of Living Happiness Program. Research has shown the practices decrease anxiety, reduce the stress hormone cortisol by over 50%, improve immune cell counts within as little as three weeks, and improve time spent in deep sleep three-fold. 

In addition to its commitment to support healthcare workers, the Art of Living is also offering the following to the community at-large: 

A Moment of Peace in Troubled Times: Two live guided meditations daily led by our meditation experts. These sessions are suitable for beginners as well as advanced meditators. In addition, we also offer on-demand meditations guided by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Online Happiness Program: Offered at a reduced cost to all members of the general public to help them manage the stress and anxiety provoked by these uncertain times.
Art of Living Journey App: All the premium meditation content on the app is made free for a limited time. Download Android version or  iOS version.

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Operating in 156 countries, The Art of Living Foundation (AOLF) is a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization founded in 1981 by the humanitarian and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. All of AOLF’s programs are inspired by Sri Sri’s philosophy of creating world peace through a stress-free and violence-free society. AOLF has touched over 400 million lives through numerous educational and self-development programs and tools that facilitate the elimination of stress and foster deep and profound inner peace, happiness and well-being for individuals.

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