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Children's National Health System and Shanghai Children's Medical Center Establish Joint Laboratory Space for Translational Research

Shanghai Dr. Kurt Newman

Washington, DC – Today Children’s National Health System and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center leadership extended an official partnership for the next two years, also unveiling a new initiative to establish a joint laboratory space for translational research.

Located at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, the laboratory will initially focus on oncology research, translating basic scientific findings into clinical and practical applications. Physicians and researchers will be able to work across institutions, using the space at Shanghai Children’s as a collaborative space to conduct research. A plaque presentation on November 12 recognized the formal opening of the research space.

“National and international partnerships, like the one Children’s National has with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center are essential to driving the research and clinical advances needed to improve treatment for pediatric illness,” stated Kurt Newman, MD, President and CEO of Children’s National Health System. “As specialists share knowledge and expertise beyond geographic boundaries, the more we’ll be able to improve the health and well-being of children everywhere.”  

Dr. Newman attended the plaque presentation, along with a group of Children’s National clinical and research leadership, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center leadership, as well as Washington, DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser. In addition to the presentation, Children’s National physicians and scientific thought leaders will also be speaking at two symposia in Shanghai, on the subjects of oncology research and clinical applications as well as autism spectrum disorders. 

The partnership between Children’s National and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center began informally more than 10 years ago, it was formalized a few years ago in a memo of understanding. While it was initially an information exchange between a small number of physicians and researchers from each organization, it has expanded to now include rotations, speaking engagements, telemedicine, consultations, and more. Recently Children’s National hosted two nurses from Shanghai Children’s Medical Center in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit; currently a Shanghai Children’s physician is participating in a rotation with Children’s gastroenterology team.

Children’s National is nationally and internationally recognized for their research on innovative treatments and cures in a range of pediatric specialties including cardiac surgery, cardiology, genetics, cancer and blood disorders, and neurology and behavioral health.

Shanghai Children’s Medical Center is a leading healthcare organization for children integrating clinical care, scientific research, and education. It is recognized within China and internationally for neonatology care, rare disease research, and surgical services, with one of the world’s largest congenital heart surgery programs.

Contact: Emily Hartman at 202-476-4500.