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A female music therapist and little girl smile for a photo while holding guitars

Music Therapy Program

A female music therapist and little girl smile for a photo while holding guitars

Easing Your Child's Health Journey with Music Therapy

Our music therapists are available to spend time with your child to make their healthcare journey brighter through therapeutic songwriting, active music making and other therapeutic interventions.

At Children’s National Hospital, clinically-trained music therapists in Child Life and Integrative Care Services work to support the psychological and physical well-being of children, families and staff members through music therapy interventions. Our music therapists improve your child’s hospital experience by:

  • Relieving anxiety
  • Reducing agitation
  • Supporting pain management
  • Improving coping skills
  • Providing developmental support
Healthcare providers play drums in a circle in the Healing Garden

Musical Interventions to Enhance Your Child's Well-Being

Music therapists work at the bedside with children of all ages (infants through adults) and all abilities. We choose specific interventions to target specific goals for your child or your family members. The interventions can be receptive or active depending on the patient’s current needs and abilities.

Music therapists can facilitate a wide array of interventions including music-assisted relaxation, therapeutic songwriting, lyric analysis and active music making.

The music therapists in Child Life and Integrative Care Services work with children in all inpatient units at Children’s National, except for Oncology/Hematology, which has its own dedicated music therapy team, and Psychiatry.

A young girl plays a ukulele while sitting in the Healing Garden

What is music therapy?

Where else do music therapists work?

How can I find a music therapist outside of the hospital?

What kind of training/education do music therapists need?

Can I do my practicum or internship with the Child Life and Integrative Care Services’ (CLICS) Music Therapy Program?

How can I support the Music Therapy Program?

A music therapist sits on a red mat with a child for a music session at Children's National Hospital
A music therapist plays guitar in the comfort corner
Healthcare providers lead activities in the drum circle in the Healing Garden