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Pediatric Swimmer's Ear

Key points about swimmer's ear

  • Swimmer’s ear is also called otitis externa. It is an inflammation caused by infection of the external ear canal.
  • Water that stays in the ear canal during swimming may let bacteria and fungi grow.
  • Swimmer’s ear often clears up in 7 to 10 days when treated.
  • To help prevent swimmer’s ear, dry your child’s ears well after swimming or bathing. And gently clean your child’s ears.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Prevention and Risk Assessment

What is swimmer’s ear?

What causes swimmer’s ear in a child?

Which children are at risk for swimmer’s ear?

What can I do to prevent swimmer’s ear in my child?


What are the symptoms of swimmer’s ear in a child?

How is swimmer’s ear diagnosed in a child?


How is swimmer’s ear treated in a child?

What are the possible complications of swimmer's ear in a child?

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