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Pediatric Aspiration

What You Need to Know

Aspiration is when something enters the airway or lungs by accident.

Key Symptoms

Your child may have a signs such as breathing problems and a wet-sounding voice after meals. Some children with aspiration don’t have any signs or symptoms. This is known as silent aspiration.


Tests may include chest X-rays, CT scans or other diagnostic tests.


Treatments for your child may include making changes in position and posture during meals, changing the thickness of liquids or other treatment options.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is aspiration?

What causes aspiration in children?

What are the symptoms of aspiration in children?

How is aspiration in children diagnosed?

How is aspiration in children treated?

What are possible complications of aspiration in children?

When should I call my child's healthcare provider?

Providers Who Treat Aspiration

Departments that Treat Aspiration

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Pediatric Aerodigestive Clinic

Our Aerodigestive Clinic provide specialized care for children with airway problems and feeding disorders.

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Comprehensive Motility Program

The Motility Program works to help treat a number of motility issues impacting your child's digestive tract, including abdominal pain, aspirating, constipation and incontinence. Learn more about our Comprehensive Motility Program.

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