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Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services

Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services

How We Care for Your Child in the Emergency Department

Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services

Welcome to the Emergency Department (ED) at Children’s National Hospital. Here’s what you can expect and the healthcare providers who will help you during your visit:

What to Expect: The Care Process in Our Emergency Department

Registration and Triage (Initial Evaluation)


Waiting Room

Wait Time Monitor

Treatment Area

Leaving the ED

After Your Visit to the ED

Who You'll Meet in Our Emergency Department

Patient Access Representative


Resident or Medical Student

Doctor, Physician Assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner (NP)

ED Tech or Trauma Tech

Child Life Specialist

Consultant or Specialist

Pharmacist or Pharmacy Tech

Social Worker

Respiratory Therapist

Unit Clerk


Environmental Services (EVS)

Research Coordinator

Case Manager