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CASD Chat, our electronic newsletter, offer topics of interest for families and service providers of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). We provide tips and snippets that might be helpful in your day to day life with, or as, an individual with an autism spectrum disorder. We also provide announcements of events and opportunities through CASD and the local community. In addition, we will highlight new and interesting science being published in the world of autism research. 

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Latest Newsletters

March Newsletter

Helping Autistic Teens Learn about Puberty and Health

February newsletter

Talking to Your Child About Their Autism Diagnosis

Discover tips to telling your child they have autism.

January newsletter

Improving Access to Autism Services

Learn more about how we are working to address access to autism support services.

Past Newsletters

    Browse our 2023 newsletters for more tips and resources. 

    The Intersection of Autism and Genetic Disorders

    Discover more information for children first diagnosed with other genetic disorders. 

    Self-Compassion and the Holiday Season For Autistic People and Their Families

    Learn helpful tips for navigating the holidays.

    Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors and Interests

    Children with autism have restricted interests (often called intense interests) and/or repetitive behaviors.

    Meet the CASD Team

    Learn about our service providers.

    Elopement and Wandering

    Wandering off is a major concern for families of children with autism.

    Finding Summer Fun

    Use these ideas to make the most of your summer.

    How to Read Research Pt. 2

    Learn the structure behind scientific reports.

    Autism Acceptance in Action

    Learn about the efforts you can take to increase autism acceptance.

    Coping Activities

    These activities don’t rely on language and can be used with your non/partially speaking child.

    Empowering Autistic Youth

    While relatively few children will go onto become advocates in this way, every child and teen should be empowered to be a self-advocate.

    How to Read Research Pt. 1

    Learn how to extract relevant information from research papers.

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    sesame street family

    The Sesame Workshop Initiative

    Sesame Street Muppets joined researchers and advocates on Capitol Hill to discuss the early results of this autism initiative which aims to reduce the stigma and build understanding about autism spectrum disorders.