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Celiac Disease Program

Celiac Disease Program

Multidisciplinary Celiac Disease Clinic

Celiac Disease Program

The Multidisciplinary Celiac Disease Clinic at Children’s National Hospital allows children diagnosed with celiac disease and their families the opportunity to schedule one integrative appointment, where they will be seen by a gastroenterologist as well as the clinic’s dietitian, education team and psychologist. Our approach is to care for not only the physiological symptoms and concerns associated with celiac disease, but to also evaluate the psychological problems that may arise as a result of the condition.

Newly Diagnosed Patients
The Celiac Disease Program offers a comprehensive new patient education class once a month. This is a group education class held via Zoom for newly diagnosed pediatric patients and their families. We highly recommend attending this class before attending the multidisciplinary clinic. To schedule this appointment, please call 202-476-3032 and request a celiac disease new patient education appointment.

Clinic Meeting Schedule

The clinic meets once a week, offering both in-person and telehealth appointment options. Telehealth appointments: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Fridays of the month. In-person appointments: 4th Wednesday of the month at Children's National Montgomery County.

Contact Information

For appointments, please call 1-888-884-BEAR (2327) and for clinic information, email us.

Comprehensive Care from a Collaborative Team

All children at the Multidisciplinary Celiac Disease Clinic will have the benefit of:

  • A care coordinator who ensures an optimum experience in the clinic and care in accordance with published best practice guidelines
  • The opportunity to consult with a dietitian specialized in ensuring a well-balanced, gluten-free diet
  • A meeting with a psychologist to teach patients skills such as coping and adjustment, and resolve tensions related to having a chronic condition

All families will have access to extensive educational resources including:

  • Nutrition education classes
  • A podcast
  • Web-based cooking videos
  • Peer mentor activities for varying age groups and parents
  • Several other recurring activities to help children live a happy and healthy gluten-free lifestyle

Upon welcome to the program, each family will receive a Celiac Disease Welcome Pack that gives a full overview of our offerings.  

What to Expect at the Celiac Disease Clinic

  • The appointment will last approximately 2-3 hours.
  • You will receive an automated Zoom link from the hospital.  If you do not receive it within 15 minutes of your visit time, please email Program Coordinator Kate Raber.
  • Newly diagnosed patients will visit with a GI team member (gastroenterologist or nurse practitioner), psychologist and education staff at their first visit. Follow-ups will occur at 3 months (with our dietitian and a GI team member), 6 months and 1 year.
  • Patients with an established celiac disease diagnosis will meet with a GI team member (gastroenterologist or nurse practitioner), psychologist, dietitian and education staff at their first visit. Follow-up visits will occur annually (or sooner, if needed).
  • Your child must be present for every clinic visit regardless of age.


Contact Our Coordinator

For questions relating to resources available through the program or for help setting up a 504 plan for your child's school, please email Program Coordinator Kate Raber.

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The Gluten-Free Guide is a Children's National podcast series featuring guests from around the world who provide commentary and answer listener questions about living with celiac disease and managing a gluten-free lifestyle.

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