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Experts from the Children’s National Burn Surgery Program and outpatient Burn Clinic are experienced in caring for children with a range of burn injuries. We offer a continuum of care from admission to discharge through rehabilitation, coordinated by our surgical and nursing specialists. 

Our Providers

Our pediatric specialists provide personalized care for your child's physical, mental and emotional health needs. Burn Surgery team members are part of the Trauma Care team at Children's National Hospital.

Contact Information

You can make an appointment with the Burn Clinic by calling 202-476-2150. The clinic’s front desks can be reached at 202-476-2162 (main hospital) or 202-895-3860 (Friendship Heights). Evenings and weekends, call 202-476-5000 and ask for the senior pediatric surgical resident.

Preventing Burn Injuries

Burns from hot liquid, chemicals or fires are the most common childhood accidents. From hot food left on the stove to scorching bath water, there are many potential hazards in every home. That's why childproofing your home as much as possible is essential. Learn how to reduce the risk of burn injuries by following these tips:

Scald Burns (burns by hot liquid)

Contact Burns (burns from touching a hot surface)

Conditions We Treat

There are three types of burns: superficial, partial thickness and full thickness. The type of burn and how it was caused will decide the treatment. Learn about the burns we treat.

Educational Videos

Our video series highlights how to prevent burns and how families can help their children in the event that they are burned – with care in the hospital and at home.
View the full playlist

Family Resources

You may want to know when to call us while your child recovers from a burn or wonder how often to change their wound dressing and what happens after their burn heals. Our family resources provide helpful answers.

Continuing Education for Providers

Nurses and other healthcare professionals can view our educational videos, which highlight best practices in burn treatment and follow-up care. Watching some of the videos in our playlists can earn nurses continuing education credits.

A mom applies sunscreen to her daughter's face at the beach

Sun Safety Tips

Read expert tips on keeping your child safe in the sun in an article on our parenting advice website, Rise and Shine.

A mom applies sunscreen to her daughter's face at the beach