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At Children’s National, we value the importance of well-informed and well-equipped health providers. Here are some of the resources frequently called upon to care for our patients.

Journal Articles

The Use of CO2 Fractional Photothermolysis for the Treatment of Burn Scars

A recent advancement in the treatment of burn scars has been the use of the carbon dioxide (C02) laser to perform fractional photothermolysis.



Alkalis and Skin

The aim of this editorial is to provide an overview of the chemical interactions occurring in the skin of our patients on contact with alkaline agents.

Educational Video for CE Credits

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Explore our educational videos that discuss and explain burn related care.

White text on a black background about a trauma care seminar on closed head injuries where your questions can be answered.


Enduring Education

This series of videos helps providers continue their education in trauma care and burn surgery.

Educational Videos (CE Credits Unavailable)

Trauma Education

Equipment, Assessments and Procedures

These educational videos provide valuable information regarding the set up and use of equipment used for treating trauma and burns.

A doctor looks at an x-ray image with a young girl

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A doctor looks at an x-ray image with a young girl