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This unpaid position will provide focused experience in conducting research on the neuropsychological profiles and/or treatment of children and adolescents with ASD. Research activities can include scoring research measures, data entry and upkeep of the CASD research database, support of training sessions for parents and teachers, observation of students in their classrooms, community referral resource updates, and assistance with a weekly after-school group for children with ASD, as needed. You would also have the opportunity to attend weekly lab and team didactic meetings and observe faculty or clinicians as they work with children with ASD. Volunteers also have the opportunity for exposure to the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised/Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2, and training in advanced statistical analyses, manuscript preparation, and conference presentations. Externs will receive approximately two hours of individual/group supervision per week to support planning assessments, analyzing data, and providing oral and written feedback. For more information about the research externship in autism, please contact Chelsea Armour at [email protected].