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This internship provides the trainee with the opportunity to take substantial responsibility for carrying out his or her major professional functions in the context of appropriate supervisory support. The program is arranged on both a longitudinal and rotational basis. It is designed around a fundamental curriculum, which focuses on intern competencies in assessment, diagnostic interviewing, intervention, case management and triage, consultation and critical thinking about clinical case material.

Interns are exposed to training in empirically supported treatments for a range of pediatric conditions. Intern participation in multidisciplinary teams and specialty clinics affords them the opportunity for limited supervision of and role-modeling for, psychology externs and medical students. Each intern’s schedule is individualized according to his/her special interests and training needs. Learn more about the rotations, medical specialty electives and outpatient assessment experience electives.

Medical Specialty Electives

Take a look at our robust selection of medical specialty electives that are offered during the internship.

Outpatient Assessment Experience Electives

Learn about the electives you can take in outpatient settings.


Learn more about our rotation requirements, also view a sample rotation schedule.