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The Fellow will have at least one day a week (20% or more) of protected time for research. The postdoc in the General Pediatric Neuropsychology position (Position 1) will be matched to an area of research depending on interests and available funding. Examples of existing research areas include: autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy, pediatric concussion and mild TBI, neurofibromatosis, congenital heart disease, genetic disorders, and cognitive function in other medical populations. 

The Brain Tumor focused postdoc (Position 2) will work with Dr. Karin Walsh and colleagues on a funded project. Current research by the team focuses on consequences of the disease and the treatment for brain tumors, the development and implementation of a novel model of neuropsychological assessment and care, and intervention work targeting common sequelae of brain tumors in childhood. 

Our Fellows are expected to be a productive member of the research team and to demonstrate competency for independent research after completing the program. For example, Fellows are expected to present at professional conferences, and to submit a review paper, chapter, research article, or grant application. Our program includes a research curriculum and monthly research meetings/ seminars to support the development of research skills. Our postdocs are authors on numerous peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and conference presentations and have won awards for research.  

See below for a list of recent, representative publications.

2023 Publications

2022 Publications

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