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Purchase Orders and Invoices

Purchase Orders

It is the policy of Children’s National Hospital to purchase all supplies and services through the Supply Chain Department. Purchase arrangements or commitments made other than by Supply Chain may be considered non-binding. It is the sole responsibility of the Supply Chain Purchasing Department to make purchase commitments which finalize the terms of procurement agreements with suppliers. These terms – which include price, packing, shipment, delivery, inspections, insurance, payments, waivers, and legal compliance – are finalized through a signed purchase order (PO) which legally commits Children’s National.


To facilitate payment, invoices must be sent containing the below criteria. If this criteria is not met, payment may be delayed.

  • Invoice should be in either PDF or TIFF format
  • All invoices must quote a valid PO number
  • One invoice per attachment

All invoices for Children’s National must be emailed to our invoice team unless related to work contracted through the Real Estate Division.

Children’s National is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Children’s National Hospital has filed for this status in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia as filed with the IRS, and may be exempt from sales taxes. This may affect your quoted invoices and consideration will be taken for payment applicable sales tax.

Once your vendor status is confirmed, Children’s National can submit payment to your organization via ACH credit to either your business checking or savings account. ACH payments are timely, secure and a cost efficient means for receiving your payment. Please contact the Accounts Payable Department at for information on how to enroll your organization in ACH payments from Children’s National.

Real Estate Invoices

Invoices related to work contracted through the Real Estate Division (including Engineering, Construction and Space Planning) should be submitted to Constr-Inv and Eng-inv.

Minimum Contract Requirements for Vendors

Children’s National (“Children’s”) has different contractual requirements for each agreement. This is due to a number of factors relevant to a contract such as, the risk level associated with it, the contract length/amount, and location of the services to be rendered...etc. However, Children’s will seek to ensure that the following requirements are included in contracts where relevant: a set term length, a preference not to have autorenewals, and the following provisions: indemnification, insurance, exclusion, recordkeeping, advertising, and the inclusion of Children’s policies. Learn more about some of these required contract provisions.