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Insurance and Billing FAQs

Medicaid Changes

Annual re-enrollment in Medicaid will not be automatic this year. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date today.

Health Insurance Terms to Know

As you navigate the process to pay your bill, the following frequently asked questions may be helpful to review.

What is authorization/preauthorization?

What is a benefit package?

What are carve outs?

What is co-insurance?

What is a co-payment?

What is a deductible?

What are definitions, benefits, limitations and exclusions?

What is a HMO?

Point-of-Service Plan or Point-of-Service Option (POS)

What is a PPO?

What is PSV?

Outpatient Billing

Are there additional charges for outpatient visits?

How can I pay for outpatient visits?

Questions to Ask the Hospital About Your Bill

Why was my account placed with a collections agency?

Why was my bill sent to the wrong insurance?

What if I cannot pay my bill in full at the time of service?

How can I obtain an estimate of costs for my child's care?

If I have a question about my bill, who can I contact?

Why are my out-of-pocket expenses based on my outpatient benefits?

What is the facility charge for outpatient visits?

Why do I receive a statement before the insurance has paid its portion?

Why do I receive two bills for each date of service?

What date of service does this bill cover?

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider

What types of services are generally covered by a group health insurance plan?

What if your child has a pre-existing condition?

Does my surgery/hospital stay need preauthorization?

Does the insurance company require a second opinion?

What else does the insurance company require?

What to Know Before You Visit the Hospital

What insurance information should I have on hand when I visit the hospital?

What if my child isn’t covered by insurance?

What do patients and parents/guardians have the responsibility to do?

What rights do I have if I am an adult patient?

What if I am the parent of an adult patient?

Who may sign paperwork and consent to evaluation and treatment for a child?