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Information for Parents Visiting the HSC Pediatric Center

Inpatient Program — Preparing for Your Child's Visit

From your child’s first day at The HSC Pediatric Center, our staff begins to plan and prepare for the return home. Your child and family are our top priority. Learn more about our programs. 

What should I bring?

What does a typical day look like?

What will my role be?

What will my visit be like?

Do you have resources for kids?

Learn more about our inpatient programs

Outpatient - Preparing for Your Child's Visit

Preparing for an outpatient visit to one of our locations is important. First, make sure you have the appropriate address, directions and contact information of the location before you leave for your child's appointment.

Before your visit, please read, print, and fill out the following information:

We also have Spanish versions of these forms:

Learn more about our outpatient programs

What will my visit be like?

How do I make an appointment?

What are the hours of operation?