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Pediatric Retinal Disorders

Retinal disorders in children are different than those in adults. The pediatric ophthalmologists at Children's National Hospital are experts at identifying ophthalmic disorders in children. They are familiar with the retinal manifestations of systemic diseases in children and work closely with their colleagues at Children's National and in the community. In addition, retina specialists with interest in children's eye diseases are on the hospital staff and help provide medical and surgical retina care when needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What pediatric retinal disorders to Children's National physicians diagnose and treat?

What is a retinal disorder?

What are the symptoms of retinal disorders in children?

How are retinal disorders in children diagnosed?

What is the treatment for retinal disorders in children?

Providers Who Treat Retinal Disorders

    Departments that Treat Retinal Disorders


    Our specialized pediatric ophthalmologists are experts at recognizing and treating complex eye conditions in infants and children.