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COVID-19 and Flu Season

When COVID-19 infections intersect with flu season, it's more important than ever for you and your child to get the flu shot. Flu and COVID-19 cause similar symptoms, and if your child catches them both at the same time, they could have more serious illness as their body tries to fight both. Additionally, if more people are protected against flu from having had the shot, there will be fewer cases of flu in the community. This will help place fewer demands on doctors and hospitals, so they can focus their resources on children with COVID-19. Learn more about the flu shot and COVID-19.

little boy getting flu shot

Protect Your Family by Getting the Flu Shot

While it has always been important for everyone ages 6 months and up to get the flu shot, with the prevalence of COVID-19, flu shots are more important than ever.

little boy getting flu shot

Visitor Guidelines at Children's National Hospital

Due to COVID-19, we updated our visitor guidelines to protect families and staff. Two people can accompany each child to an outpatient appointment or Emergency Department visit. For inpatient stays, four people can be identified to visit a patient admitted to the PICU and NICU, while visitors do not need to be designated for other care locations. Only two people can be at the bedside at a time.

Flu Basics: Screening, Protecting, Vaccinating

Visitor screening at Children's National Hospital

Protecting your family from the flu

Who should get vaccinated?

Flu Prevention Tips

Get vaccinated

Avoid close contact

Cover your cough or sneeze

Wash your hands

Don't share germs

Disinfect your home

When Your Child is Hospitalized for the Flu

Maintain your own good health

Don't be alarmed by staff wearing masks

Other things to consider

To protect our patients and staff, we ask you to: