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Hydroxyurea Treatment for Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease

At Children’s National Hospital, we understand that families affected by sickle cell disease have many questions about their child's treatment. We are dedicated to connecting you with information to help you understand how hydroxyurea can help children manage sickle cell disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hydroxyurea?

Is hydroxyurea safe for children?

How does hydroxyurea work for my child?

What are the benefits of hydroxyurea in children?

How can I get more information about hydroxyurea for my child?

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A Guide for Starting Treatment

Our handy guide helps you through the hydroxyurea treatment process for sickle cell disease.

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Sickle Cell Disease Treatment at Children's National Hospital

From dedicated pain clinics for older children to specialized infant sickle cell care, Children’s National delivers care and support to provide a sense of well-being and normalcy to children with sickle cell disease and their families. Discover more about the treatments we offer.

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Help Kids and Make a Difference

Invest in future cures for some of life's most devastating diseases. Give today to help more children grow up stronger.

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    Departments that Offer Hydroxyurea

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    Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Program

    The Comprehensive Sickle Cell Disease Program at Children's National is among the largest and most comprehensive pediatric sickle cell disease programs in the country.