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Pediatric H. Pylori Infections

Key Points About H. Pylori in Children

  • H. pylori is a spiral-shaped germ (bacteria). It attacks the stomach and the first part of the small intestine (duodenum).
  • This causes inflammation. It can also cause open sores called peptic ulcers in the upper digestive tract.
  • Most people with H. pylori won’t have any symptoms or get an ulcer. But it is a main cause of ulcers.
  • It is spread fecal-orally, by ingesting the bacteria through contact with excreted H. pylori from another person (such as contaminated water or food).
  • Having good personal health habits or hygiene can help protect your child.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I call my child's healthcare provider?

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Providers Who Treat H. Pylori Infections


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Departments that Treat H. Pylori Infections

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Pediatric Aerodigestive Clinic

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